Frequently Asked Questions​​

Is iWritin content original and unique?
Before publishing, editors will use specialized tools to check the plagiarism and natural expression level. Thus, ensuring all the final submissions are original and unique.
How Does iWritin classify writers level?
iWritin classifies writers into four distinguished groups depending on writers’ ability. According to the client’s requirement, we will assign the topics to the most appropriate group.
How Much Do Clients Need To Pay For iWritin Service?
Read here for detailed information on pricing plans
What Are the Differences Between Basic, Deluxe, Premium?

- Basic: perfectly meet the need of unprofessional bloggers – Everyday life writing style/ informal, restricted content, and word count makes

- Deluxe: offers broader choices of topic and word count. It is suitable for small retail/business websites or general and “less-busy” blogs. Less informal writing style and go deeper into the topic

- Premium: can meet any client’s need, as there is no limitation on the topic, word count, and writing style. We got expert writers in almost every industry, guaranteeing our dear clients the most high-quality content and satisfactory support service.

What Are The Average Time To Submit A Piece of Content?
Depending on the intricate level of the topics. The average time is about 1-2 days for a 1000-word blog.
Why Is Improving The Content’s Quality Important For Website Ranking?
Quality content gives a prestigious sign for Google to evaluate the Website ranking. Specifically, Google will give more credit to the authorized and original content to distribute the website to a higher place in the search result. Through dedicated effort for fresh content and meticulous keyword research, you can improve the website ranking to attract more engagements and traffic.
Why You Should Hire Skilled Content Writers For Your Website?

Skilled content writers have deep knowledge on:

- Sharpening the word to persuade diverse audiences to take actions Inserting keywords relevant to the context of the article

- Ensuring the unique and originality of the content

- Spending time researching the topics and relative documents

What Are The Advantages of Outsourcing Services, Compared To In-House Writing?

Advantages of outsourcing services:

- Saving time on giving feedback and training writers

- Handling large-scale projects conveniently with experienced writing teams

- Conducting effective content strategies consulted by outsourcing agencies

- Facilitating ideal condition to connect with writers network and images resource

How Can A Non- Native Speaker Produce Great Content For Businesses?
With specialized knowledge of the business niches, along with a required comfort level of language use, you don’t have to be a native speaker to produce great content for businesses.