The Complete Guides to Outsourcing Content Writing Services 

The Complete Guides to Outsourcing Content Writing Services 

As an experienced outsourcing content writing service, iWritin has created multiple informative blogs covering all niches and industries. We are also pioneers in providing valuable tips, tools, and examples for creating quality content adapting to businesses’ requirements.

Content Writing

From the overall view on writing content roles to specific niches relating to businesses’ industry, you can reference the following topics:

  • Content Writing Overview
  • Content Writing Services for Specific Industries
  • Topics for Content Writing

Content Writing Overview

What is Content Writing: It supports digitally delivering brand messages to target audiences through the processes of researching, editing, and publishing. As being implemented on digital platforms, this term includes articles, blog posts, landing pages, ebooks, social media copy, product descriptions, press releases, video scripts, podcasts, and other forms. 

Various types of content writing prove their benefits in adapting to diverse businesses’ marketing purposes with convincing structures. When sympathized with customers’ insight, quality pieces of content writing can result in better engagements, conversions, and sales revenues. 

According to TopRank Blogs, 64% of B2B marketers collaborate with outsourced content writing services and freelancers. 

How to be a good content writer: A skillful content writer is required to convert the brand’s voice into engaging texts across promotion publications. With a personalized writing style and coherent structure, writers can maintain high work quality for stable collaboration.  Based on Technovia, the content writing market is promising when witnessing a 16% annual growth rate until 2022.               

Content Writing Examples, Tips, & Resources: We have aggregated worth-to-reference content writing examples, covering diverse niches and industries. Researching the art of storytelling from famous brands can suggest appropriate business strategies. 

We also support implementing effective content strategies with practical tips, specifically providing well-applied practices regarding research methods, writing styles, and SEO optimization. These tips can boost dynamic engagements and sales revenue by solving customers’ demands by delivering brand messages properly. 

To build a stable knowledge foundation of content writing, we have introduced the best resources, including informative blogs and articles. You will experience comprehensive instructions from beginner guides to expert advice from trustworthy sources.   

Best Content Writing Tools for SEO: We have provided the most popular tools to accelerate the digital writing process. You can find all the necessary tools to finalize the written pieces, from research steps to writing, editing grammar mistakes, and tracking performance.  

Content Writing Services for Specific Industries

Finance: Finance content writing covers all articles and documents regarding financial analysis and accounting. This specific-niche content converts complicated finance terms into easy-to-understand texts that educate and convince users of the investment potential.           

Jewellery: It delivers the beauty and usability of the products to customers through engaging copies. This content type can increase conversions and long-term relationships for Jewellery businesses.     

Law Firms: Due to the complicated processes of seeking prestigious lawyers, quality pieces of content can ease this experience by delivering all-aspect services meticulously. 

Conducting a comprehensive content strategy can put your law firm on the map with great professionalism and attitude. So, your customers will be impressed by the informative information regarding policies and businesses’ persona before choosing clients.

Travel Companies: Outsourced content writing service possesses expert writers with in-depth knowledge of local heritage and culture to convince travelers to experience. Along with engaging writing styles, business promotion content can intuitively deliver tour information to visitors for more engagement and conversions.      

E-Commerce Websites: Content writing for E-Commerce Websites follows the customer journey through different touchpoints to trigger their purchasing behavior. Apart from demonstrating detailed product’ features, this content type also generates promotional content that convinces potential buyers of the harmony to the lifestyle.    

Educational Websites: Educational content writing assists websites in proving their service quality and trustworthiness.     

Food Blog: Content writing for a food blog combines appealing copies and images to mark a strong impression in customers’ minds. Due to delivering the tastes and ingredients with an entertaining writing style, professional content can raise your food blog to a new level.    

Hotel: Content writing for hotels assists businesses in creating promotional content to meet customers’ feelings and usability requirements.

Restaurant: Restaurant content writing is responsible for creating engaging content that meets the characteristics of local cuisine for effective promotion strategies. When implementing content strategies, businesses should demonstrate the pricing plans, food safety, location, and furniture arrangement to satisfy customers’ visual experience. 

Interior Design: This content type is responsible for converting the technical draft details into easy-to-understand texts. 

By illustrating the textures, materials, design styles, and arrangement, pieces of promotional content can bring the project images close to the viewers’ eyes. Along with unique ideas of outsourced content writing services, interior businesses can convince customers and investors to purchase various product items. 

Furniture: The comprehensive content strategy delivers design beauty and usability to customers through captivating words. When integrated into the marketing strategies, the outsourced writing services’ furniture blogs, images, and videos can support building a more memorable brand identity and better sale revenue.    

Real Estate Websites: This type covers all aspects of a real estate project to adapt to commercial purposes. Specifically, professional content writing services assist businesses in convincing investors and customers of the commercialized chances and expected living experience.    

Software Company: This content type is responsible for converting technical information into understandable texts. The quality technical content proves its practical benefits in bringing a comfortable experience for users when using the software. 

Clothing Brands: Clothing brand content focuses on personalization and lifestyle to meet customers’ interests. The content plans should create compelling product descriptions to demonstrate its benefits in raising customers’ value in their relationships and daily life. 

Construction Company: Construction companies should build content strategies to convince investors, buyers, and other individuals of potential-investing chances. Quality written pieces can deliver the project’s functionality and design style to educate and attract customers effectively. 

Topics for Content Writing

  • Outsource Content Writing: Hiring outsourcing content writing services confuses businesses with various issues. Regarding budget and implementing time compared to the in-house team, businesses should consider carefully before choosing the appropriate partners. 

For that reason, we have provided the all-aspect processes to collaborate with an outsource content writing service. Specifically, we will explain the process from consulting relevant strategies to integrating the writer team into the operating platforms. Besides, the article includes useful tips and pricing plans for your reference.  

  • Content Writing vs Copywriting: Content writing and copywriting represent two writing styles with different purposes. While copywriting covers its application in advertising to generate more conversions, content writing focuses on educating, instructing, and describing the products/services to grab customers’ engagement. 

Depending on the project’s purposes, businesses can decide to hire content writers and copywriters. Generally, copywriters support creating sales emails, social media ads, landing pages, chatbot scripts, and other advertising content. Meanwhile, content writers devote their ability to writing informative articles such as How-to blogs, newsletters, lists, case studies, product reviews, social media captions, etc.      


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