Content Writing for Restaurants – The Best Content Ideas

Content Writing for Restaurants – The Best Content Ideas

For those who are a restaurateur, there’s a very good chance that not only you have your own website but also social media accounts and blogs, too. 

And you’re doing the right thing! A recent survey found that 90% of guests research their restaurant online before going. If you aren’t active online, you’ll miss out on a lot of potential guests.

So, it’s important for you to know how to do content writing for restaurants if you want to attract customers to your site.

What Is Content Writing for Restaurants?

The definition of “content writing” is very fluid and can take various forms. However, at its core, content writing is creating digital written materials (copies, articles, blog posts, etc.) for marketing.

In other words, a content writer’s main mission is to become the representative of the brand online. They create meaningful and attractive messages to reach out to audiences and encourage them to become patrons and customers.

How to Write the Best Content for Restaurants?

These days, virtually all restaurants have an online presence. So, to stand out from the pack, you must have a very good content-writing strategy.

Fortunately, so long as you have capable writers and content planners to action some of the tricks below, your content writing program will pay dividends in a short while.   Writing content for restaurants is easy so long that you have the correct writing strategy and technique. – Image source: Pexels

Focus on Your Employees and Service

The customer experience is important for restaurant patrons. According to a survey, 5 out of 10 customers will refuse to go to a business again if they receive bad service.

So, when you’re trying to attract people to your restaurant, highlight the quality of your service through your content. Put a spotlight on your employees and share images of them smiling, catering to patrons, and the chefs hard at work preparing high-quality meals. Alongside the photos, you can add a few short lines of captions.

Besides “showing off” the restaurant’s service quality, such content will also make the employees feel more appreciated. Having the support and respect of the employees, in turn, will also increase service quality.

Quality of service is important for restaurant-goers, so focus on that in your article. – Image source: Pexels

Acknowledge Regulars in Your Posts

A great way to encourage people to return to your restaurant and improve their loyalty is to give them shout-outs in your posts. You can write a special feature with a photo of them and their favorite dish (with their consent, of course.)

It’s a great way to make that particular customer feel special and more attached to the restaurant. New customers also feel more interested in coming over.

Build a Community

Everyone likes to be a part of a community. And if you manage to foster one around your restaurant, your content will be able to reach more people and gain more interaction. Which, in turn, will drive further growth for your establishment.

Post as regularly as you can, and use various formats. For example, you can make picture posts with nice captions on Friday. Then, on Sunday, you can post texts advertising the restaurant’s deals and special dishes of the day.

And to break the routine, you can squeeze a few funny posts in-between the posting schedules. Such posts, while irrelevant to the restaurant’s business, drive engagement and interest from patrons.

The Best Content Ideas for Restaurants 

Ready to start writing some brand-new written content for restaurants? Here are a few ideas for you to get started!

Review Pieces

Review pieces are a very common form of written content on restaurants’ blogs and pages. The “targets” for these review pieces are usually the dishes and drinks at the restaurant. You can write in detail about how they’re prepared, how they taste, and the responses you’ve received from customers who have tasted or drank them.

These review pieces give prospective patrons a more intimate look at the quality of your food and beverages. Stick a few beautifully-shot photos alongside the post, and they’re certain to make rounds online!

Other than being a common form of content, writing review pieces is a critical task of the marketing department of any restaurant. 91% of 18-34 year-olds trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 93% of consumers even say that their decisions are influenced by what they read online!

So, quality review pieces on your restaurant’s social media and blogs are key to growth.

Social Media Posts

The second most popular format of posts for restaurants is “common” social media posts. You can write anything, from funny posts to engage with your audience to your thoughts and experiences at restaurants. Overall, these are basically “free-style” formats.

Blog Posts

We define “blog posts” as long-form content longer than your typical social media posts. These posts can be reviews of the foods or beverages, articles about the history of your restaurants, stories about (or from) employees, etc. They can lend a lot of personality to the restaurant’s social media account, which, in turn, will drive traffic and engagement from current and prospective patrons alike.

Print Magazines

Social media or website-based content aren’t the only areas in which content writers can help restaurants. There are many niche journals, magazines, and newspapers in the catering and hospitality industry that content writers can contribute to, as well.

Although the readerships of these magazines typically aren’t high, restaurants featured in them can naturally improve their prestige. They’ll get more attention from professional critics, restaurateurs, and gastronomes. A research even found that 82% of food magazine readers are influenced by the content they read!

If the food and services are good enough, these people can share the name of your restaurant with their wide audience and massively boost the establishment’s traffic!

Recipe-of-the-day Posts

If people love your food, there’s a good chance that they would want to know more about the dish they enjoyed. In that case, recipe-of-the-day posts are a great way to drive further engagement with your readers and anyone scouting for a new restaurant to try out!

Write about recipes that people enjoy in your restaurant! – Image source: Pexels

Of course, you’re not expected to show anyone how exactly you prepare your special recipes. Instead, talk briefly about the included ingredients and the effort that the chefs put into the dish. If the restaurant comes up with the recipe, you can also write about how and why the recipe exists!

Articles on food trends

Food trends can change extremely quickly. One day, restaurant-goers may prefer a certain recipe in a certain style for one month. Then, they would suddenly start to like an entirely different sort of food the next month.

While it presents a challenge for restaurants to try and catch up on the latest of customers’ fancies, as a content writer for restaurants, you can capitalize on that and write articles on food trends! Discuss in detail the trend (what’s the favorite recipe of the month, why it’s being favored, etc.) and give an in-depth, informed analysis.

If the restaurant you’re writing for plans to update the menu and include foods or drinks in vogue, then inform the readers of this!

People’s tastes can change rapidly … you can capitalize on that! – Image source: Pexels

Spreads on Upcoming Events

Many restaurants host events on the premises, like drinking contests. Social media is the go-to place to announce to followers and passersby the events so they can plan and attend accordingly.

Tips for Writing Contents for Restaurants 

Here are a couple of tips that you can use to optimize your writings for restaurants.

Read Up On The Latest Food Trends

As we said earlier, food trends can change incredibly quickly. To attract food lovers and people looking for a new place to eat to come to your restaurant, it’s important to know about all these trends.

Plan your content around these trends, and your articles will receive much more readers’ interest. The last thing you’d want to do is write a blog post about a recipe that has fallen out of style.

Understand About The Restaurant You’re Writing For

Remember, you’re doing marketing for the restaurant. And if you want to do that well, you must understand the restaurant you’re working for inside and out. With great knowledge and deep insights into the restaurant, its menu, and its staff, you’ll be able to write more engaging and relevant content.

Produce Contents Optimized For Marketing

Writing engaging, up-to-date content isn’t enough. You’ll need to work some technical magic so it’ll pop up on people’s social media feeds, too!

Employ SEO (Search Engine Optimization) techniques, social media hashtags, and visibility-boosting features to make your content stand out from the rest.

Use SEO techniques to improve your articles’ visibility. – Image source: Pexels


Content writing for restaurants isn’t hard. But if you want to write excellent articles, you must know the content direction and good writing strategies and techniques. We hope this detailed writing guide has been able to do that for you.

If you have any more questions you’d like to ask, reach out to us via the comment section. We’ll get back to you as soon as we’re able to!

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